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Who we are…

How did OasisCF start?

OasisCF came into being in 2008. Early that year, Rev Susheel John was compelled to seek the Lord for a direction in ministry. This was when the idea to start OasisCF was born. The church was formally incorporated on 11 Sep 2008 with a core group of five members. Since its inception, the church has been located in the Geylang district in Singapore – first in Lorong 23 and then at Lorong 21A.

In God’s kingdom, what assignment is OasisCF tasked to fulfil?

OasisCF carries a threefold kingdom assignment.

  • First of all, we are assigned to be stewards of the Truth. This means we take the Word of God seriously and try our best to understand, teach and live by it as accurately as possible. As ambassadors of Christ, we feel we best represent Christ when we know Him well.
  • Secondly, we are an aid station to anyone in need. This ties in with our name – Oasis. Our church is a safe haven for weary Christians/ministers who need time to rest or recuperate. It is also a place where anyone needing help is welcome. We may not be able to meet every need but we will try.
  • Thirdly, we are watchmen on the wall. Our task is to keep watch to see what God is doing so that we can flow with Him. It is also to keep watch to see where the enemy is operating so that we can expose his plans!

Because God has situated us in Geylang, we see this as our primary area of operation. However, being part of the body of Christ in Singapore, we sense that this assignment has some bearing on a national level.

So who is this “Susheel John” anyway?