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About our church

Welcome to Oasis Christian Fellowship

How we got to where we are today…

Oasis Christian Fellowship is probably Singapore’s smallest church.  OCF was planted in 2008 by Susheel John and small group of believers. The aim has never been to try and build a megachurch.  Rather, OCF has always tried to be a small church with a big impact, as directed by the Lord.

At OCF, we hold to seven core values (adapted from “7 Laws of Spiritual Success” by Selwyn Hughes).  These values are encapsulated in the name of the church – Obedience Appreciative Steady Inclined to forget (and forgive) Selfless Contrite Fostering growth

Regardless of what the Lord may direct us to do, we endeavour to live out these values.

Except for a few short months elsewhere, OCF has always had its services in Geylang and intentionally so.  Ever since 2018, OCF’s kingdom assignment as a church has crystallised.  We are an outpost church in this part of Singapore and carry 3 major functions:

  1.  We are an aid station where people (not just those in Geylang) can come and receive help, rest and comfort, as our name “Oasis” suggests.
  2.  We are stewards of the Truth.  We endeavour to teach and live out the scriptures as close as we can to the Truth.
  3. We are watchmen on the tower.  We commit to praying for the nation, Geylang and the body of Christ, keeping watch to see what the Lord is doing here and also to warn against any schemes of the enemy. 

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